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              Who We Are
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              Who We Are

              About SZ&W Group

              Established in 2008, SZ&W Group becomes a leading business knowledge provider and event organizer in Asia, dedicating to spreading industry knowledge and business information worldwide, and building platforms for the exchanges and cooperation between business decision makers. The company's headquarters is based in Shanghai and Los Angeles. With SZ&W Research, SZ&W Event, SZ&W Community, and other well-known market research and event brands, SZ&W Group stretches its businesses beyond China and Asia across the emerging economies in Middle East, Europe, Africa, South America, as well as some other regions. As the forerunner of business media and commercial activity organizer in Asia, SZ&W Group leads the industry forward.

              上海澤為商務咨詢有限公司成立于2008年,亞洲領先的商業資訊服務商及活動主辦方, 致力于推動知識和商業信息的全球化流動,為工商業決策者搭建交流與合作的平臺。旗下有"澤為研究中心","澤為會議策劃","澤為行業社區"等知名市場研究及商業活動策劃品牌. 立足中國及亞洲市場,公司業務遍及中東,歐洲,非洲,南美洲的各大新興經濟體. 公司總部設在中國上海和美國洛杉磯.作為亞洲行業資訊及商業社交活動領域的先行者,澤為已經成為行業領導者。

              Our Vision

              We are devoted to be the most desired and respected brand for the business intelligence and social networking focusing on the Asia and emerging economies. Our Strength Forges your Zenith of Wealth.


              2008年12月 SZ&W Group 澤為資訊集團成立。公司致力于打造商業媒體及社交平臺。
              2011年9月 澤為首個海外項目在印度舉辦,印度能源部長出席會議,并舉行頒獎儀式。本次會議成為中國Events領域海外擴張的里程碑。
              2011年12月 澤為相繼進入東南亞、中東、土耳其、東歐等新興市場國家。
              2013年1月 在過去4年成功積累的基礎上,澤為集團提出2次創業;提升產品及服務質量,提高員工技能及效率,全面推行業務流程改革。
              2013年6月 澤為作為中國行業首家,相繼進入波蘭、南非,英國等歐洲非洲市場。
              2013年12月 澤為架構重新梳理,集團下設:澤為研究,澤為會議,澤為社區3個業務板塊。
              2014年2月 澤為年會在上海崇明島舉辦,提出5-8年內打造10億元市值的商業資訊集團目標.
              2015年 作為行業領導者,澤為積極踐行“以人為本”方略,打造行業第一雇主品牌。
              2016年 澤為進入巴西,墨西哥等美洲市場,并擴展金融,物聯網等行業。

                     SZ&W Foundation
              The Foundation is managed by a dedicated committee of staff from across the business, with executive oversight and strategic input and wide-ranging participation from teams working in every area of the company.

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                     SZ&W Research
              SZ&W Research is a market research and consulting team that provides in-depth analysis of global nuclear, Unconventional gas, offshore E&P and Solar markets.

              >>More details
                     SZ&W Events
              Initiated in 2008, SZ&W Event focuses on organizing top-level conferences, trainings and exhibitions around the world, serving our clients in various industries, typically, in Oil and Gas, Coal, Utility and Power, Infrastructure, Finance, Life Science, etc.

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