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                The global economy grows and recovers sluggishly after suffering the COVID-19 pandemic. We are entering into a post-globalization era with huge uncertainty. Digitalization executives of diverse industries have been actively exploring digital technologies and deploying enterprises digitalizing strategies so that to achieve a new engine of sustainable growth and development.

                The cloud-native era comes to digital leaders of different industries along with the fast evolution of digital technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Internet of Things, blockchain etc. Large amount of cloud solutions providers have achieved grand breakthrough by exploring and innovating in hybrid cloud, edge computing, multi-cloud, distributed cloud, containers, cloud data centers, cloud storage, information security, disaster recovery and operation management etc. IT managers are building a resilient, safe, agile and cost-saving IT ecosystem for their enterprises or organizations by implementing cloud migration strategy, so that they can respond quickly to customers’ needs and expectations, and to obtain unique competitiveness and powerful growth of business value.

                (Cloud and Digital Leaders Innovation Forum · China) is to prospectively concentrate on the trend of cloud computing development and digitalizing transformation, authoritatively interpret the policy and regulations of cloud computing and industrial digitalizing transformation by the Chinese government, deeply deconstruct the latest case studies of cloud migration and digital transformation worldwide. Let’s ‘Drive the Digital Era through Cloud’ together with 200+ cloud experts, government officials and IT/Digitalizing Leaders from cloud providers, government, industry alliances, colleges and digital transformation executives during 2-3 Dec., 2021 in Shanghai China!

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              HIGHLIGHT TOPICS

            3. Cloud Technology and Industries Digital Transformation Enable China to Achieve the Strategy Goal of DUAL CARBON and DUAL CIRCULATION
            4. Interpretation on Regulatory Policy and Compliance Governance for Information Data under the Digitalizing Trend
            5. How Digital Leaders Leverage Cloud to Build a New Generation of Digital Business Ecosystem
            6. Cloud Tech and Services are becoming Hybrid, Distributed, Mobile and Scenario
            7. What Challenges and Opportunities Do Digitalizing Executives Face under the Sluggish Recovery of the Global Economy
            8. With the New Generation of Digital Technologies Breaking Out Fastly, Should Digital Leaders Subvert Boldly or Transform Little by Little?
            9. Digital Leaders’ Innovation Perspective on Cloud Strategy
            10. Cloud Migration Promotes the Adverse Growth of Enterprises During An Uncertain Period
            11. The Cloud Transformation Journey for Traditional Enterprises goes into Deep Water
            12. How to Build the Security Wall of Digital Transformation Strategy?
            13. Practice Frontier: Case Studies of Cloud Deployment and Digital Transformation
            14. Practices in Cloud Data Centre
            15. FORUM SCOPE

              Cloud Solutions Providers:
            16. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Cloud Data Centre, Cloud Storage, Cloud Security, Cloud Disaster Recovery, Cloud Containers, Hybrid Cloud, Multi Cloud, Edge Cloud Computing, Distributed Cloud, Scenario Cloud Applications etc

            17. Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration Enterprises:
            18. Manufacturing Enterprises, Pharmaceutical/Medical Enterprises, Financial Enterprises, Transportation Enterprises, Smart Retail Enterprises, Energy Enterprises, Logistics Enterprises etc

            19. Government / Industry Alliances / Colleges / Consulting Institutes:
            20. Regulatory Policies Governmental Departments, Industry Associations, Colleges and Consulting Institutes etc for the New Generation of Digital Information Technologies

            21. WHO WILL ATTEND?


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              Mob: +86 132 6252 6385 Bella | Email:brands-cdli@szwgroup.com
              Tel: +86 21 5830 0710*8096


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