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              “There is a growing recognition that individual businesses no longer compete as stand-alone entities but rather as supply chains.We are now entering the era of ‘network competition’ where the prizes will go to those organisations who can better structure, co-ordinate and manage the relationships with their partners in a network committed to better, closer and more agile relationships with their final customers.”

              —— Martin Christopher
              From the financial crisis, trade friction to the COVID-19 epidemic, supply chain management is playing an increasingly important role in responding to crises and challenges. In the post-epidemic era, the “weight” of supply chain security, risk, and resilience in supply chain management is rising. At the same time, the speed of disruptive technology applications such as big data analysis, artificial intelligence, digital twin, blockchain, 5G, IoT has accelerated significantly, and the digitization of the supply chain has become an important foundation for all technological applications.

              We need to think about:

                 √   How to formulate an executable supply chain strategy under the "dual circulation" development pattern?
                 √   Digitalization is innovating the traditional supply chain structure and coordination methods. Is this innovation disruptive?
                 √   How will the development of disruptive technologies empower the digital transformation of the supply chain?
                 √   The exploration of collaborative solutions for the digital supply chain that adapt to the enterprise.
                 √   How can companies build a smart supply chain ecosystem through business model and technological innovation?

              The 5th Smart Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Summit & Expo APAC (SSCL 2022) is dedicated to providing industry leaders and experts?with a platform for sharing and discussing the latest development strategies and methods, and cutting-edge technologies of global and Chinese supply chains. In the two-day summit, the summit's attendees were lucky enough to hear from expert speakers from leading supply chain management companies responsible for procurement, logistics, manufacturing, IT/digitalization, product development and quality control ,marketing,operation,channel?and other fields on Cutting-edge?topics on?smart logistics and supply chain. Look forward to immersing you in an environment that promotes innovative thinking and creative strategies to help you deal with specific challenges and achieve desired results.


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