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              GUIDANCE UNIT


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              TOPICS GALLERY

            3. The Top-Level Guidance of Manufacturing Digitization and Intelligence in China
            4. Digital Transformation of Global Manufacturing Industry is Imperative
            5. The Manufacturing Industry is Building a Future-Oriented Digital Cornerstone by Leveraging New-Gen digital technologies
            6. Data-Value Realization and Information Security Construction of Manufacturing Enterprises
            7. Practice in Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration of Manufacturing Industry
            8. CLOUTURE DIALOGUE: How Do CIOs from Manufacturing Enterprises Build A Future-Oriented Digitalizing Cornerstone?
            9. BACKGROUND

                Under the guidance of various countries’ top-level design, such as “Made in China 2025", "Industry 4.0“ Strategy of Germany and “National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing“ in USA, the manufacturing industry has set off an irresistible wave of digitization and intelligence. At the same time, the vigorous development of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G, blockchain and other new-gen digital technologies is becoming a strong engine for the digital transformation of global manufacturing enterprises.

                How to build a future oriented digital cornerstone is an unavoidable question for today‘s digital leaders from manufacturing enterprises. Along with the continuous innovation and exploration of cloud computing in key fields such as cloud native, open source platforms, hybrid cloud, distributed cloud, proprietary cloud, cloud container, serverless architecture, low-code platforms, HCI, cloud security, next-generation database, software defined storage, next-generation network, edge computing, cloud disaster recovery, CCaaS etc., CIO / CDOs from the manufacturing industry are building the next-gen IT infrastructure system of the their enterprises.

                [CLOUTURE x MANUFACTURING DIGITIZAITON INNOVATION SUMMIT 2022] is dedicated to explore -- how to build the cornerstone of manufacturing’s netxt-gen digital transformation!


              Cloud computing experts from:
            10. IaaS, PaaS, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Distributed Cloud, Private Cloud, Cloud Native, DevOps, Cloud Container, Serverless Architecture, CMP, Network, Cloud Storage, Security Solutions, Cloud Database, HCI, Disaster Recovery, CCaaS, Edge-computing etc.

            11. Manufacturing Digitization Leaders from:
            12. automotive, pharma & healthcare, electronics, FMGC, machine equipment etc.

            13. And other experts from:
            14. digital technoligies & manufacturing related official departments, alliances, colleges, consulting institutes etc.

            15. GALLERY WALL LAYOUT

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