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              Welcome Message

              Dear Colleagues,

              It is my greatest pleasure, on behalf of the Organizing Committee to welcome you to attend the FinTech APAC Connect 2017, to be held on September 20-21, in Singapore.

              As how new technologies are changing all other industries, they are disrupting financial industry to an unprecedented degree- a fintech revolution is coming. Technologies are transforming and reshaping the existing financial systems to a new future in a way we still do not absolutely certain yet.

              Global investment in fintech increased quickly from 2010-2015; although 2016 saw a little decrease, investors’ confidence in this new industry is still very high.

              The rise of fintech industry in APAC is breathtaking, and the growth rate in this region is starting to take the lead. The governments of almost all the APAC major markets, such as Singapore, China, India, HK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, have taken or are ready to take a positive regulatory approach to encourage fintech developments. And this region will be the biggest potential market for fintech investors, startups, technology providers, as well as other players in the coming years.

              The potentials of APAC markets are obvious, while there are still many barriers in the way to fully achieve the fintech potentials, such as regulatory innovation, regional cooperation, technology maturity, costs, risk management, and so on. Moreover, the emerging technologies have cornered the incumbents and it becomes more and more urgent for them to find a way out.

              In this sense, a “connect” is badly needed in APAC in terms of regional cooperation, cross-industrial integration and idea sharing. Therefore, the FinTech APAC Connect 2017 comes into place. It’s designed to help your organization to navigate the fintech revolution, and to find the ways out and the ways forward.

              I am very much looking forward to meeting you in Singapore!

              Best regards,

              Organizing Committee of FinTech APAC Connect 2017

              Agenda at glance

              Session 1 FinTech Landscape & Regulatory Innovation in APAC

            3. 0900 FinTech Regulatory Sandbox Guidelines and Industry Incentives in Singapore
            4. 0925 FinTech Growth in India: Regulation, Current Status and Prospects
            5. 0950 The Regulatory Framework Evolutionfor FinTech Industry in China
            6. 1015 Fintech Industry Development in South Korea:Opportunities and Challenges
            7. 1040 Networking Coffee Break
            8. 1110 The Growth of Australian FinTech Ecosystem and the Way forward
            9. 1135 FinTech HK: National Commitments, Regulation and Innovation Incentives
            10. 1200 FinTech Landscape in Thailand: Prospects & Challenges
            11. 1225 Panel Discussion: Regulatory Innovation in APAC for a Better FinTech Future
            12. 1255 Networking Luncheon
            13. Session 2 FinTechFunding, Investment &Trends in APAC

            14. 1400 FinTech Investment Trends in APAC: Country Index &Sector Priorities
            15. 1430 Investment Environment & Public Funding for FinTech in South Korea
            16. 1500 VC Investment in Southeast Asia and FinTech Startup Exits Trends
            17. 1530 FinTech Investment Models and Risk Management Strategies
            18. 1600 Networking Coffee Break
            19. Session 3 APIs, Incumbent-FinTech Collaboration & the Future of FinancialServices

            20. 1630 FinTech and APIs: the Development Trend of Banks as platforms
            21. 1430 Investment Environment & Public Funding for FinTech in South Korea
            22. 1700 The Explorations on the Incumbent-FinTech Collaboration Models: the Way to Future Banking
            23. 1730 Traditional Banks in the FinTech Era: Transformation and the Way out
            24. 1800 Digitalization &Change in Banking
            25. Advanced Technologies in Financial Services: Potentials & Use Cases

              day is designed to explore the potentials ofadvanced technologies in financial sector with pilot use cases.

              Session 4 DLT&Blockchain: Potentials & Use Cases in Financial Services

            26. 0900 The potentials of DLT in Financial Services
            27. 0930 The Latest Innovations and Advances in Blockchain Technologies
            28. 1000 How to Implement Blockchain in Banking
            29. 1020 Blockchain, DLT and the Capital Markets Journey
            30. 1040 Networking Coffee Break
            31. 1110 Panel Discussion: Challenges of Implementing DLT &Blockchain Technologies
            32. Session 5 Artificial Intelligence (AI): Potentials& Use Cases in Financial Services

            33. 1140 Application of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to Improve Operational Efficiency in Banks
            34. 1200 Chatbots and Customer Experience Improvements for Financial Institutions
            35. 1220 Rob-Advisors: the Future of Finance
            36. 1240 How Machine Learning is Evolving Private Investing
            37. 1300 Networking Luncheon
            38. Session 6 Big Data, Data Analytics& Data Security:Potentials & Use Cases in Financial Services

            39. 1400 Big Data Management in the Financial Digitalization Revolution
            40. 1430 Developing a Big Data Strategy and Roadmap
            41. 1500 Using Data to Drive Business and Product Innovation
            42. 1530 Networking Coffee Break
            43. 1600 I Miss My Long and Romantic Walks to My Bank Branch
            44. 1630 Cyber Security & Data Protection
            45. Session 7 Biometric Technologies:Potentials& Use Cases in Financial Services

            46. 1700 The Future of Identity in Financial Sector: Biometric Technology and Application
            47. 1730 Panel Discussion: The Rising of Innovative Technologies in Finance: Threats or Opportunities?
            48. 1800 Chairman’s Closing Remarks of Day 2 Conference
            49. Financial Services Innovation & Fintech Start-Ups Demos

              This day is designed to show the latest progresses and innovation trends of FinTechs in various hottest discussed sectors, with leading startup demos.

              Session 8 Innovations in Payments

            50. 0900 Bridging the Gap to Help Payments Thrive
            51. 0920 Driving Innovation in Cross-Border Payments
            52. 0940 Distributed Ledger Technology to Realize Real-Time Cross Border Commercial Payment
            53. 1000 Digital Transformation in Corporate Payments
            54. 1020 Networking Coffee Break
            55. 1050 Mobile Payments: the Future of Corporate Payments
            56. 1110 The Trends of Open Payments
            57. 1130 Utilising the Blockchain for Clearing and Settlement
            58. 1150 E-Wallet Startup Demo
            59. 1205 Digital/Virtual Currency Startup Demo
            60. 1220 Panel Discussion: The Innovative Trends of Payments
            61. 1250 Networking Luncheon
            62. Session 9 Innovations in RegTech

            63. 1400 Understanding the Rise of RegTech &Its Innovation Trends
            64. 1430 RegTech Application Practices in the UK
            65. 1500 RegTech Startup Demo
            66. 1515 Panel Discussion: the Rising of RegTech: Opportunities and Challenges
            67. 1545 Networking Coffee Break
            68. Session 10 Innovations in Lending &Crowdfunding

            69. 1545 The Future of P2P Lending &Marketplace Lending
            70. 1615 Lending Platform for Small Business Startup Demo/li>
            71. 1630 Marketplace Lending Startup Demo
            72. 1645 Crowdfunding Innovation Trends & the Way forward
            73. 1715 Crowdfunding Startup Demo
            74. 1730 Chairman’s Closing Remarks & the End of the 3-Day Conference
            75. FinTech APAC Connect 2017, covering the regions like Singapore, China, India, HK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, will reveal regulatory innovation, regional cooperation, technology maturity, costs, risk management, showing the comprehensive regulation framework and applicable technologies in this market. Download the brochure to know more details.



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