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              The global CSP market is undergoing big change these years, which shows the CSP project opportunities shifting from the “West”to the “East”. As European countries like Spain and Italy cutting the renewable subsidies, and the US DOE halted the Loan Credit Warrant to CSP new projects, the development of the traditional CSP market is staggering, or even come to stop. The leading players in Europe and US are aiming to the emerging market in the East.

              MENA is the shining star of world CSP market. Saudi Arabia planned 25GW CSP power till 2032; Kuwait released recently the bidding for the 50MW Shagaya Trough CSP plants; Jordan also planned 600MW solar power till 2020, with the FIT for CSP is $0.19/kWh; Israel stared two CSP projects-Ashelim-1&2, with total installed capacity of 240MW; Turkey completed a 5MWth pilot CSP tower project in March 2013; Egypt commissioned a 20MW ISCC Kuraymat project earlier, with total installed capacity 140 MW, and is propelling the construction of a 100MW KomOmbo CSP Trough pilot project, together in the plan a 250MW CSP Tower project; UAE commissioned Shams One in March 2013, which is the first in Middle East, with the biggest installed capacity in a single CSP plant worldwide. Besides, CSP projects are also in the plan of Qatar and Cyprus.

              China shows their ambition in Solar Energy by JNNSM, which targets total installed capacity 20GW solar power in three phases from 2010 to 2022. The fulfillment of the 7 CSP projects (with total planned installed capacity 470MW) in Phase 1 was unsatisfactory. The only one that met the deadline was a 50MW project developed by Godawari, and others were delayed and applying extension at least 6 month. However, much lessons and experience were learned in Phase 1. Another 3-4 hybrid pilots, with total planned installed capacity 50-100MW, are expected to open for bidding in March 2014, before the bidding of Phase 2.

              After three rounds of bidding of REIPPPP, the planned installed capacity of CSP in South Africa reachs 400MW. In the latest bidding, unions led by Abengoa and Emvelo got a 100MW CSP project separately. The planning information of thethird(B) and forth bidding had already been displayed in the website of South Africa Energy Department.

              No obvious progress had been made in recent years in China CSP Market. Although local developers, most of who are state-owned energy groups, filed up several CSP projects, they were all in the phase of pilot testing. The development of CSP in China is staggered due to the lackage of a clear FIT policy. However, big breakthrough was achieved in the CSP key component sector in China, which gained broad attention from overseas CSP developers. Cost is the bottleneck of the development of CSP worldwide. This event is focusing on the technology reliability and maturity of “Made in China”, the ability of mass production and stable supply to the CSP project, and whether the construction and O&M cost will be reduced by the involvement of China Supply. Meanwhile, industry experts will share with local industry players how to adapt to overseas business rules and policy environment.



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